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Afagh Amirian

Embroidered jewelry
Tambour embroidery
Ribbon embroidery

In 1992, the Abrisham school officially started its work in various fields of handicrafts and arts, design and tailoring.


● Founder and director of the technical vocational school of Abrisham in two branches of Isfahan and Tehran

● Author of 42 volumes of personal books in the field of handicrafts

● Author of various standards of professional technical organization

● 18 years of experience in international and national radio and television networks

● Has several certificates of registration of exquisite works of art

● Organizer and manager of the first Paydar Fashion festival in 2019

● The organizer of the first national festival of making native and modern dolls

● Judge of various national festivals in the country

● Presenting new and stylish methods in decorative stitches on clothes

● Establishment of export and import company in Oman

● It has two brand registrations of Abrisham and ModYaft

Afagh Amirian

What we Do?

Education in school

Teaching the latest methods of handicrafts

Registration Orders

Ordering clothes and decorations on clothes

Online Courses

You can participate in our online classes and we will help you in every step


Selection of female entrepreneur in 8 periods

Industrial design registration certificate

Chamber of Commerce membership badge

Gold plaque of the Ministry of Industry and Mines

The best teacher of Fajr World Festival

National standard badge in education